So you are doing a fitness show and searched these terms~ clear fitness competition shoes, 5 inch clear shoes, figure fitness shoes, figure fitness competition shoes, fitness posing shoes, clear shoes, posing shoes figure competition, fitness competition and more. Now what, you see lots of pictures but are still unsure of how they fit and if they will keep you from getting disqualified. That is where our years of experience comes in to help you make the best choice! Here at FitnessCompetitionShoes USA you can be rest assured you are taken care of! While other companies tease you with specials to take your money and only care about making the sale we here at Fitness Competition Shoes USA want to ensure complete satisfaction that you made the best choice and we helped you with that.

If you are in doubt please only consider shoes in the “Most Popular” section.

Shoe requirements: ~Please ensure you have reviewed your specific shows rules and regulations for the appropriate footwear from heel height to platform height. ~Clear shoes are always the optimal choice for the stage. ~It is your choice on whether or not you want lots of bling or a little or none at all, we find that it is a personal preference so enjoy the vast variety we have displayed and let us know if you have any questions. ~Always get your shoes early! Clear plastic uppers can cut into your foot so break them in and build your confidence well before the show. ~We find that many trainers advise against ankle straps as they tend to break up your leg on stage, but if you are not accustomed to wearing heels you can choose styles that have a dual upper on them to give you the added support while not breaking the flow of your leg up, and finally if you absolutely need the extra hold then for sure choose full ankle strap styles.

Shoe fitting: ~These shoes shown are all very true to size, so if you are a 7 in regular shoes choose a 7 in these. ~If you are a half size we suggest going down as there are no half size shoes available. This will ensure that you won’t have a lot of shoe heel behind your foot which may effect how you look on stage. ~Clear shoes are generally snugger than non clear styles, this is to compensate for the natural stretch that will occur with prolonged use. You can also gently pre-warm the plastic with a hair dryer and you will feel it soften up, this is a popular method for most.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have

Handy Chart: ~ Please try to use our handy little chart below to assist in your sizing to ensure you get the right size. Use a tape measure and place one of your existing well fitting shoes against a wall or any flat even surface, measure from wall to back of heel and compare to our chart below. There are no half sizes, ideal fit is to have back of shoe line up with the back of your foot. **These measurements are to be used as a reference only and are estimates, a personal shoe of minimum 4″-5″ heel is needed**

Size 5 = 7 1/4″

Size 6 = 7 1/2″

Size 7 = 8 1/4″

Size 8 = 8 1/2″

Size 9 = 8 3/4

Size 10 = 9″

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